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Post by MZ Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:22 am

1. Be respectful and understanding towards others. Remember -- everyone's rights are equal in the Internet

2. All personal insults are forbidden. Likewise, incitement of enmity of any sort is forbidden.

3. Do not flood, meaning do not leave posts lacking in meaningful content and practical usefulness to other members.

4. Do not duplicate posts in different threads.

5. Do not ask questions, already answered in FAQ.

6. Strive to write cleanly.

7. Avoid jargon and foul language.

8. Do not argue with the administration in regards to subjects solely in their domain.

9. Do not engage in annoying advertising of other forums or sites. One thread is enough and only with a chess content.

10. Do not post off topic.

11. Do not post commercial software or warez as attachments .

12. Do not create clone of your main nickname .

13. Posting links to software not directly related to Chess is discouraged .

14. English is working languages for the forum. Please use only English language for discussion.

15. The publication of online video, images, or descriptions portraying violence, brutality, pornography, or other inappropriate content, as well as links to such content is strictly prohibited.

Violations of these rules shall be punished with retribution ranging from a warning to a ban.

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