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MEGA Collection chess engines (About 2000 )

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MEGA Collection chess engines (About 2000 ) Empty MEGA Collection chess engines (About 2000 )

Post by MZ Sun Sep 13, 2015 5:53 pm

MEGA Collection chess engines (About 2000 )
by Dydolec

Chess engines - letter A:

Abrok 5.0, Adam 3.2, Adam_32, Adam_33, Adamant, Adamant1_7, Aice, Ajetac, Alaric707, Alarm, Aldebaran, Alex 1.77, Alex207, Alex207a, Alex209, Alex210, Alex212a, Alex212Linux, Alex213, Alfil, Alfil811, Alibaba_130wb, Alibaba_131wb, Alibaba_132wb, Alibaba_134wb, Alibaba-136wb, Alichess_425, Amaterasu r22, Amaterasu-r22, Amateur, Amundsen-065, Amundsen-080, Amy08, Amyane1.72, Anatoli_035k, Anechka, AnMon 5.21, Ant 6.06, Arasan 8.4, Arasan11.7, Arasan12.0, Arasan12.1, Arasan12.2, Arasan12.3, Arics, Arion, Aristarch 4.21, Aistarch, Armageddon, Armageddon 1.0, Armagedon, Asterix, Atak, atak_68, Atlas, Averno_081, AviChess-0.9b, Awersome, Axchess, Ayito.

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Chess engines - letter B:

Babychess, Baron, Beaches20v232, Beachess, Belofte, Belzebub, Belzebub_067, Beowulf, Bestia, Betsabe-II-102, Betsabe-II-105, Betsabe-II-10, Betsabe-II-10, Betsy, BigLion, Bison 9.11, Bison9.11.x64, BlackBishof, Blikskottel, BlitzKibitz-r20, Bobcat20110414, Bodo, Booot_500, Booot_510, Booot4_book, Brama, BremboCE, Bringer_19, Bruja, Bruja-191, Brutus8_05, Bsc, Bsc-win32 3.09, Bubble15, Bugchess2_17, Butcher 1.38 WB, Butterfly_0.3.2.

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Chess engines - letter C:

Capivara 007, Capivara-LK-007s2, Capivara-LK-007t02, Carballo-05-jet, Cassandre 0.24, Cassandre-025,
Ccassandre-026, Cecir, Cefap_06_wb, Celes, Celes 0.75c, Cerebro, Cerebro_303d, ChadsChess, Cheng3_uci_v1.0,
Cheng3_x64, ChessMaude, Chess-one-201, Chess-one-201, Chessrikus, ChestUCI_V52, Chezzz, Chispa, Chop, Chop1099,
Chronos 198 beta, Chronos 199, Cilian, Clueless, Clueless_10, Colchess, Colossus2007c, Comet, ComStock 1.0.2,
ComStock 1.0.2 XP, ComStock1.0.2a, ComStock1.0.2b, Crab_PGO, Crab-x64_PGO, Crafty-23.3, Crafty-234, Critter_0.70,
Critter_0.80, Critter_0.90, Critter_1.0, Critter_1.01, Crux, Cuckoochess-106, Cuckoochess-108, Cuckoochess-108,
Cuckoochess-109, Cuckoochess-110, Cyberpagno, Cyclone_xTreme, Cyrano0.6b17.

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Chess engines - letter D:

Damas, DamirsPositionalPlayer01, DamirsPositionalPlayer02, DamirsPositionalPlayer04, DamirsRybkaKiller 25, DamirsRybkaKiller26, DamirsRybkaKiller27, DamirsRybkaKiller28, DamirsRybkaKiller29, DamirsRybkaKiller30, DamirsRybkaKiller36, DamirsRybkaKiller42, DamirsRybkaKiller42time, DamirsRybkaKiller42timeRR, DamirsRybkaKiller49, DamirsRybkaKiller51, DamirsRybkaKiller55, DamirsRybkaKiller56, DamirsRybkaKiller68 + src, DamirsRybkaKiller69, DamirsRybkaKiller73, DamirsRybkaKiller74, DamirsRybkaKiller75, DamirsRybkaKiller77, Danasah 203, Danasah445, Danasah460, Danchess, Darmenios 0.3.32, Darmenios_0.4, Dchess, Deepsaros, DeepSaros23c3, Deepsaros23d, Deepsaros23d1, Deepsaros23d2, DeepSaros23e, DeepSaros23e1, DeepSaros23e2, DeepSaros23f, DeepSaros23f1, DeepSaros23gs, DeepSaros23h, DeepSaros23se, DeepSaros25, DeepSaros-G-2.3f, Delfi, Delphil 1.5b, Delphil_2.6b, Delphil2_6c, Dendron_042, Deuterium,
Deuterium, Deuterium v10.01.27.213, Deuterium v10.01.27.213, Deuteriumv11.01.28.159, Diablo 0.4, Diablo-051, Diep_20, Dirty-11d-27, Dirty20sep, Dirty24APR2011, Djinn, Doch-134, Doch-13, Dorky, Dragon, Dragon_443, Drunkenmaster.

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Chess engines - letter E:

Ece1101, Eden, Eeyore_150, Eeyore_150, Eeyore_152, Elephant, Elf, Embracer, EnginMax, Enigma, Esc, Et_chess, ETChess, Eveann164, Excelsior, ExChess, Exchess-054-beta.

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Chess engines - letter F:

Fafis, Faile, FAUCE 0.41c, Fimbulwinter, Fimbulwinter-5.03, Fire_12_w32, Fire_13_w32_KLO, Fire_13_w32_KLO_popcnt, Fire_13_w32_NS, Fire_13_w32_NS_no_SSE2, Fire_13_x64_KLO, Fire_13_x64_KLO_popcnt, Fire_131_w32_KLO, Fire_131_w32_KLO_popcnt, Fire_131_w32_NS, Fire_131_w32_NS_no_SSE2, Fire_131_x64_KLO, Fire_131_x64_KLO_popcnt, FireBird_10_beta_w32, FireBird_10_beta_w32_no_SSE2, FireBird_10_beta_x64, FireBird_10_w32, FireBird_10_w32_no_SSE2, FireBird_10_x64, FireBird_101_w32, FireBird_101_w32_no_SSE2, FireBird_101_x64, FireBird_11_w32, FireBird_11_w32_in, FireBird_11_w32_ms, FireBird_11_w32_ms_k, FireBird_11_w32_no_SSE2_k, FireBird_11_w32_no_SSE2_NS, FireBird_11_w32_NS, FireBird_11_x64_in, FireBird_11_x64_in_popcnt, FireBird_11_x64_ms, FireBird_11_x64_ms_popcnt, FireBird_11_x64_ms_s, FireBird_12_w32, FireBird_12_w32_new_SMP, FireBird_12_w32_no_SSE2, FireBird_12_x64, FireBird_12_x64_new_SMP, FireBird_12_x64_new_SMP_KLO, FireBird_12_x64_new_SMP_popcnt_KLO, FireBirdx64 I7, Firefly, Fortress, Fortress_162, Fortress_162, Franmad015, Franmad016, Franmad016, Franmad018, Frenzze, Freyr 1.067, Freyr-1069, Freyr-1069, Fruit 2.1.

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Chess engines - letter G:

Gaia, Gaia3.0, Gargamella, Gaviota 0.33, Gaviota-0.80-windows, Gaviota-win32-v0.75.7, Gaviota-win32-v0.75.7a, Gedeone, Genesis, Gerbil, GerbilKM_02, GerbilKM_02, Ges, Ges-132, Ges-132, Ghost, Ghost2_win32_v2_0_1, Ghost2_win32_v2_0_1, Gibbon, Giuchess-10-beta2, Giuchess-10-beta2, Gk-090, Glass_distrib, Glaurung 1.2.1, Glaurung_081204, Glaurung22, Glc, Glc300-nobook, Gnuchess-, Gnuchess-, Gnuchess-, Gnuchess-, Gnuchess-, Gnuchess-, Gnuchess-507.153b, Gnuchess-507.941b, Gnuchess-507.941b, Gnuchess-507-9b, Gnuchess-507-9b, Gnuchess-508, Gosu, Gothmog, GrapeFruit10b_noegbbbugs, Greko 3.3a, Greko-7.0, Greko-7.0a, Greko-7.2, Greko-7.2a, Greko-8.0, Gringo, Grizzly, Gromit, Gromit382, Gull 011, Gull 011a, Gull 012, Gull 012, Gull 012a, Gull 012a1, Gull 1_0, Gull 1_0, Gull 1_0a, Gull 1_0a, Gull 1_1, Gull 1_1, Gull 1_2, Gully.

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Chess engines - letter H:

Hagrid, Hamsters_0.7.1, Hannibal_v1.0, Hannibal_v1.0a, Hermann 1.3, Hermann 1.5, Hoichess, Hoichess-0.3.5-win32, Holmes, Homer, Hoplite, Horizon, Houdini 1.01, Houdini 1.02_w32_1CPU, Houdini 1.03a, Houdini 103, Houdini 6 cpu, Houdini 6 cpu fixed, Houdini X86 and x64 8CPU By eliasgino2007, Houdini_103_w32_1CPU, Houdini_103_x64_1CPU, Houdini_103_x64_2CPU, Houdini_103a_w32_1CPU, Houdini_103a_x64_1CPU, Houdini_103a_x64_2CPU, Houdini_103a_x64_LOCKLESS_8CPU, Houdini_15, Houdini_15a, Houdini_15a_w32_p2.exe, Houdini_DEVEL_x64_8_CPU, Houdini_TEST, Houdini_w32_1CPU, Houdini_w32_1CPU, Houdini_w32_1CPU, Houdini_w32_1CPU (Old Buggy)., Houdini_w32_1CPU_1.01, Houdini_w32_2CPU, Houdini_w32_2CPU, Houdini_w32_2CPU (Old Buggy), Houdini_w32_4CPU, Houdini_w32_4CPU, Houdini_w32_64_4CPU, Houdini_w32_8CPU, Houdini_w32_8CPU, Houdini_w32_8CPU (Old Buggy), Houdini_x64_1CPU, Houdini_x64_1CPU, Houdini_x64_1CPU, Houdini_x64_1CPU (Old Buggy), Houdini_x64_2CPU, Houdini_x64_2CPU, Houdini_x64_2CPU, Houdini_x64_2CPU (Old Buggy), Houdini_x64_4CPU, Houdini_x64_4CPU, Houdini_x64_8CPU, Houdini_x64_8CPU, Houdini_x64_8CPU (Old Buggy), Houdini_x64_8CPU-patched, Houdini_x64_POPCNT_4CPU, Houdini_x64_POPCNT_4CPU, Houdini_x64_POPCNT_8CPU, Houdini_x64_POPCNT_8CPU, Hussar_v0.1, Hussar_v0.2, Hussar_v0.3, Hydra.

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Chess engines - letter I:

Ice_eng_1120, Ifrit_j3_4, Ifrit_j3_5, Ifrit_j3_6, Ifrit_j3_6, Ifrit_j3_7, Ifrit_j3_9, Ifrit_j3_9, Ifrit_j4_0, Ifrit_j4_1, Ifrit_j4_2, Ifrit_j4_3, Ifrit-j38, Igor6test, Igor6test2, Igorlast, Igorrit_0086v, Igorrit_0086v samer, Igorrit_0086v[1], Igorrit_0086v_Plus, Igorrit_0086v_Plus samer, Igorrit_0086v2, Igorrit_0086v2 samer, Igorrit_0086v4_w32, Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_1t, Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_2t, Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_fix, Igorrit_0086v6_x64_3t, Igorrit_0086v6_x64_3t, Igorrit_0086v6_x64_RBw, Igorrit_0086v7_w32, Igorrit_0086v7_x64, Igorrit_0086v8_w32, Igorrit_0086v8_w32, Igorrit_0086v8_x64, Igorrit_0086v9, Igorrit_0086v9_w32, Igorrit_0086v9_w32, Igorrit_0086v9_x64, Igorrit_0086v9_x64, Igorrit_0086v9_x64(2), Igorrit-0.086v, Igorrit-0.086v2, Igorrit-0.086v4w32, Igorrit0.086v4x64v2, Igorrit-0.086v6fixed, Igorrit-0.086v6fixedPeterpan and Sentinel, Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames, Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames Peterpan, Igorrit-0.086v6w32added, Igorrit0.086w32VS2008, Igorrit0.086w32VS2008 Peterpan, Igorrit-0[1].086v6_Sentinel, Igorrit-0[1].086v6fix, Igorrit086v4_x64_bs, Igorrit086v5_x64_bs, Igorritv086v6Mingw64, Igorritv4x64v3, Igorritx64windows, Iichess_r19_ ja, Iiichess_r19, Ildtiadar, Ildtiadar0.9f, Ildtiadar0.9f, Inmichess, Insomniac, Ipp3264, IPPOLIT, IPPOLIT 0.080a x64 1Gb, Ippolit 0080d x64 hpv, Ippolit 1, IPPOLIT 64 1Gb SOURCE, IPPOLIT x64 Fix, IPPOLIT x64 with PV Hashing, Ippolit_b3_all, Ippolit0.080a x64 Popcnt, Ippolit0080b_w32_bs, Ippolit0080b_x64_bs, Ippolit0080b2_x64, Ippolit0080c_w32_bs, Ippolit0080d_all_bs, Ippolit64, IvanHoe 57a4 JR, Ivanhoe B47cA, Ivanhoe B47cB, Ivanhoe B52aB, IvanHoe T0.4 beta, IvanHoe T0.4 beta, IvanHoe T0.4 beta2, IvanHoe T0.4 beta2, IvanHoe T0.4.1, IvanHoe T0.5.2, IvanHoe T0.5.2, IvanHoe T0.5.4.2, IvanHoe T0.5.4.2, IvanHoe T49j2, IvanHoe T49j2, IvanHoe T55, IvanHoe_57_x64, IvanHoe_57a4_JR, IvanHoe_999948i, IvanHoe_999948i, IvanHoe_999950k, IvanHoe_999953, IvanHoe_999987, IvanHoe_v73_w32, IvanHoe_v81_w32, IvanHoe49BetaWH03, IvanHoe52fUS-beta, IvanHoe52iUTM0, IvanHoe999947c, IvanHoe999949j, IvanHoe999949j, IvanHoe999950h, IvanHoe999950h, IvanHoe999950k, IvanHoe999950t, IvanHoe999987, IvanhoeB49jA, IvanhoeB49jA, IvanhoeB49jA1CPU, IvanhoeB50kA, IvanhoeB50kA, IvanhoeB50kB, IvanhoeB50kB, Ivanhoeb52ab&ivanhoe63mod12dR, IvanhoeB52aE, IvanhoeB52aF, IvanhoeB52aF, Ivanhoe-B55mPP, IvanHoe-B57d_whm01, IvanHoe-B57d_whm01, IvanhoeBeta, IvanHoe-Beta-999952a-Beta, IvanHoe-Beta-999952a-Beta, IvanHoe-Beta-999964-Beta.

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Chess engines - letter J:
JaksaH, JaksaH 1.11, JaksaH_v1.03, JaksaH_v1.04, JaksaH_v1.04_ENG, JaksaH_v1.07_ENG, JaksaH_v1.10, JaksaH_v1.10_ENG, JaksaH_v1.11_ENG, JanWillem, Jazz-421-win-i386, Jester, Jester-084, Joanna2002-106_ja, Jonny, Jonny 2.83, Jonny400, Jonte-025-win32.

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Chess engines - letter K:
Kace, Kaissa18a, Kaissa2_10, KasparovX, Kerostave Engine, KillerQueen, Kiwi, Kiwi06d_x64, Kmtchess-121, Kmtchess-121, Knight, KnightX, Komodo10, Komodo-11, Komodo-12, Komodo-12, Komodo-13b1, Komodo-13, Kurt_0_9_2_beta, Kurt_0_9_2_beta, Kurt_0_9_beta, Kurt-092-beta, Kurt-09-beta, Kurt-271009-fix, Kurt-271009-fix
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Chess engines - letter L:
La Dame Blanche 2.0c, Lamosca, Larsen, Latista, Ldb, Leile, Light, Lime, Lime_v66, List, List512, Little Goliath Revival, LittleBlitzer-2.5, Loop 2007 32-Bit.

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Chess engines - letter M:
Macromix_vb1_0b, Madeleine, MagnumChess_3.00, MagnumChess3.00, Magnumchess-30-jet, Mainsworthy Super Tourny209 Ex213 Re118, Mainsworthy Super Tourny209 Ex213 Re118, Mainsworthy_Super_172f, Mainsworthy_Super_172f, Marquis16, Marquis16, Marvin_110, Matac, Matacz-1.4_HT74, Merlin-2.3.1, Milady_272d, Minichess, Minimardi.1.3-final, Mint, Mint_23, MishasMauler 03 and 05 By eliasgino2007, MishasMauler_03and_04, MishasMauler03, MishasMauler03T, MishasMauler05, MishasMauler07, MishasMauler07T, MishasMauler10T, MishasMauler11T, MishasMauler12T, MishasSwooper01, MishasSwooper02, MishasSwooper06, MishasSwooper06 By eliasgino2007, Mizar-30-ja, Monarch, Monik, Mooboo_01, Morphy, Movei00_8_178, Mrchess, Mscp, Muse, Mustang, Myrddin084, Myrddin084, Myrddin-084b-ja, Mystery.

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Chess engines - letter N:
Nagaskaki, Nanoszachy, Naraku112, Naraku12, Naraku13, Naraku131, Naraku14, Nebiyu 1.2, Needle, Nejmet, Nero, Nero_61, Nesik, Neurone_IV, Neurone_V, Neurone_V, Neurosis, Nsvchess, Numpty_07pr

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Chess engines - letter O:
Obender-324, Ochess, Olithink, Omar, Onno-1-2-2-w32_x64_2

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Chess engines - letter P:
Parrotxp, Patriot_2006, Pawny_0.1.7_x86, Pawny_0.2.1, Pentagon_12, Pentagon_12, Pepito, Pepito159.2-(fix)-ja, Peter, Petir, Phalanx XXII, Phalanx-XXIII, Phalanx-XXIII-win32, Pharaon, Philou_350, Philou_351, PikoSzachy34, Piranha 0.5, Plisk_0.2.5, Plisk_0.2.6, Plisk_027_d_win,Plywood_bin, Polar, Pooky, Popochin, Postmodernist, Prechess, Predateur2.0, ProDeo, Prodeo15, ProDeo16, Prophet-20b1-ja, Protector-132_ja, Protector-135-ja, Pprotector-136-rev308-ja, Protector-136-rev344-ja, Protector-136-rev370-ja, Protector-136-rev379-ja, Protector-136-rev387-ja, Protector-140-ja, Protector-140-rev402-ja, Protej, Pseudo, Pulsar, Purplehaze-20-32-ja, Pyotr-jet-ja.

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Chess engines - letter Q:
Quark, Quark150, Queen, Queen 2.38.
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Chess engines - letter R:
Rainman_v075, RataAeroespacial-0.2.0, RataAeroespacial-0.2.1, RBrChess_v2.22, Re13superTournyEx207, Re45SuperEx207Tourny209, Redqueen, Redqueen-0.6-win32, Redqueen-0.7.5-win32, Redqueen-0.7-win32, Redqueen-0.8-win32, Redqueen-0.9.5-windows, Redqueen-091-ja, Replicant, Requiem, Resp, Resp-019-ja, Revati04c, RivalUCI, Rival-uci-0094-ja, Robbo_0.086h3_noSSE2, Robbo_Pchess_all, Robbo085c3_all, Robbo085c3_Fix, Robbo085d1_all, Robbo085d2_all, Robbo085e1_all, Robboh6x64, RobboLite_0085c4, RobboLite_0085c5, RobboLite_0085d3, RobboLite_0085d3 x32+x64, RobboLite_0085d3_x32_x64, RobboLite085_x64_bs, RobboLite085_x64_bs-256mbhash, RobboLite085c3_w32_bs, Robbolito, RobboLito 0.085 GT3B By eliasgino2007, RobboLito 0.085d - rb1b By eliasgino2007, RobboLito 0[1].085c2 x64 var_hash, RobboLito 0[1].085F1 By eliasgino2007, Robbolito 0085 TA 01, Robbolito 0085 TA 02, RobboLito 0085g2-x64, RobboLito 009, RobboLito d3 d8 w32 x64, Robbolito for Pocket PC, Robbolito TA04, RobboLito_0.085gt3b, Robbolito_0.086h_32bit, RobboLito_0.086h6_w32_noSSE2, RobboLito_0.086h6_w32_SSE2, RobboLito_0085d10, RobboLito_0085d11_w32, RobboLito_0085d12, RobboLito_0085d4, RobboLito_0085d4_w32, RobboLito_0085d4_x64, RobboLito_0085d5, RobboLito_0085d5_w32, RobboLito_0085d6, RobboLito_0085d7, RobboLito_0085d7_w32, RobboLito_0085d8, RobboLito_0085d9, RobboLito_0085d9_w32, RobboLito_0085e, RobboLito_0085e_w32, RobboLito_0085e_x64, RobboLito_0085e1, RobboLito_0085e1_w32, RobboLito_0085e2_w32, RobboLito_0085e3_w32, RobboLito_0085e4_w32, RobboLito_0085e4_w32_no_SSE2, RobboLito_0085e4_x64, Robbolito_0085f1 samer, Robbolito_0085f1a, Robbolito_0085f1a samer, RobboLito_0085g2_w32, RobboLito_0085g2_w32_no_SSE2, RobboLito_0085g3_w32, RobboLito_0085g3_w32_no_SSE2, RobboLito_0085g3_x64, RobboLito_0085g3l_x86, RobboLito_0085g3linux_x86, RobboLito_0085g4_w32, RobboLito_0085g5_w32, RobboLito_0085gt3_w32, RobboLito_0085gt3_w64, RobboLito_009, RobboLito_085d4_x64, Robbolito_h4_32bit_NoSSE, Robbolito_h5_noSSE2, RobboLito_h7_w32, Robbolito_TA04, RobboLito_vH3_x64, RobboLito+0.085F1+By+eliasgino2007, RobboLito-0.085d-RB1b, RobboLito-0.085f1a, RobboLito085_x64_linux, RobboLito085d_x64, RobboLito085d5_x64, RobboLito085d6_x64, RobboLito085d7_x64, RobboLito085d8_x64, RobboLito085d9_x64, RobboLito085e_x64, RobboLito085e2_x64, RobboLito085F1_w32_bs, RobboLito085f1_x64, RobbolitoAldenRelease, RobboLito-T_0085g3_w32, RobboLitoTA01_x64, RobboLitoTA02_x64, RobboLitoTA3_w32, RobboLitoTA3_w32_sse2, RobboLitoTA3_x64, Robin, RobinEngine, Roce39, Rodin v3.0, Romichess, Roque, Rrotor_0.6, Ruffian, Rybka killer.

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Chess engines - letter S:
Safrad, Sam, Saros, SarosBlitz, Saros-windows, Schess, Scidlet, Scorpio-26-ja, Scorpio-27-ja, Sdbc, See, Sierzant_026, Simon, Simon_12, Simplex096, Simplex097, Sinapse, Sjaak 1.49, Sjaak-149-win-i386, Sjakk v1.1.7, Sloppy-020-win32, Slow, Slowchess-296-ja, SmallPotato, SmarThink, Smash, Snail, Snitch, Snitch1.6.2, Soldat, Sp060, Spark-0.3a-win32, Spark-0.4, Spark-1.0, Spike, Spike 1.2, Spike_14, St017a, StAndersen, Stockfish 2.0.1 Book, Stockfish-162-ja, Stockfish-171-ja, Stockfish-18-win, Stockfish-191-ja, Stockfish-19-win, Stockfish-201-win, Stockfish-20-win, Stockfish-211-ja, Stockfish-21-ja, Storm, Strelka3R, Sungorus-14-ja, Sunsetter, SuperMainsworthy_206, SUPRA 1.0 Wvista-xp-32-64, SUPRA 1.1.1, SUPRA 1.1.2, SUPRA 1.1.3, Supra_1.0_w7_32_64, Supra_1.0_wvista_xp_32_64, Supra_1.1.1, Supra_1.1.2, Supra_1.1.3, Supra_1.1.7, Surprise.

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Chess engines - letter T:
Tactico_0.1, Taktix, Tamerlane, Tankist 1.7, Tankist12, Tao, Tao 5.4, Terra, The Crazy Bishop 0045, Thinker, Thinker46c, Thinker53B, Thinker54A, ThorHammer, Tikov, Tinapa1.01, TippyChess2010a, TJchess-10U, Tornado 1.0, Tornado_3_6, Tornado_3_6_3, Tornado_351a, Tornado_364, Tornado_40, Tornado_41, Tornado_425, Tornado_430, Tornado_440, Trace, Trex, Tscp181, Tscp-181e-ja, Twisted20100131x, TwistedLogic 0.25, Tyrell, Tyrell1.02, Tytan.

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Chess engines - letter U and V:
Ufim 7.01, Ufim802, Umko_0.8, Umko_0.9, Umko_1.0, Umko1.1, Usuper, Vajolet 04, Vajolet 041, Vicki0_041a.

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Chess engines - letter W:
Waxman2010, WildCat 4.7, WildCat8, Winchen, Wing, Wing-13-00-ja, Witz, Witz-Alpha19-binary-32bits, WJChess 1.42, Wxchenard.

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Chess engines - letter Y and Z:
Yawce, Zchess, Zct-032500-ja, Zephyr, Zeta-dva-0164-ja, Zeus, Zotron.

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