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Post by MZ Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:06 am

Spanish Serpent ... from talkchess & degroot ... Just wanted to post that the changed Rainbow Serpent now wants to play Ruy Lopez Smile at high depth (as opposed to the French of version 001, which is also nice to see I find personally). There is no big relevance to playing strength or anything, because the engine lacks the capacity to really judge opening moves. And with more threads probably it will play something different the next time I try. But it is just nice to see at least a little bit familiar and established opening and not, heaven forbid, the Scandinavian Sad.

Also wanted to say that the sources at least will be put up as a separate Stockfish branch tomorrow I think, so if someone would want to compile them they can do so easily and then I'll try to keep it synchronized with Stockfish for a while, if it can be semiautomatic. It is just a tool: I did not test for strength but it is more for second opinions with a free engine. Most of the time it will be just like Stockfish. But thanks to some code from Jörg Oster at least this SF version will also detect three times repetitions instead of two, and some other code from Jörg just be a little bit better at detecting Zugzwang although I think that is only a very limited effect, mainly because Jörg's code has a deeper verification search and Rainbow Serpent too.

Most Windows people will think they can't compile this themselves though and after Stockfish moved to C++11 I agree it has become, not hard, but a little bit harder because older versions of MinGW don't suffice for C++11. But first let me put up my GitHub branch (and maybe I can borrow a 64 bit Windows somehow and a then install a C++11 compiler for it Smile Some day I'll get around to that, but not tomorrow) ... x64compiles ... [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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