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Toga II 4.0

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Toga II 4.0 Empty Toga II 4.0

Post by MZ Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:22 am

This is latest development version of Toga here every once in a while for those who are interested. This is only a test version! It is not worth testing for CCRL/CEGT/IPON, as the release of TOGA II 4.0 is scheduled for June/July 2013.

The current version is about 30 elo stronger than Toga II 3.0 with equivalent compiles (scores ~56-57% in self-play ~6000 games at 15' + 0.05' and 60' + 0.05).
Only SLOW gcc compiles are provided in this package, and these are ~10% slower than the Intel compiles. If someone feels like making an Intel compile and/or compiles for other systems that would be great though Smile

If anyone would like to contribute to the Toga II project, any tests/bug reports/comments regarding this new Toga are appreciated. I hope you enjoy Toga II!



Improved Search
- move count based pruning
- improved null move reduction (3 + depth/4 from Stockfish used)
- better usage of hash in quiescent search
- bad captures reduced less
- history aging
- improved history increment
- removed useless verification search

Improved Evaluation
- removed queen mobility, which not only was not worth elo, but also reduced orthogonality as its scoring was based on attacking the opposition king
- rook/queen on 7th rank improved
- pawn support bonus added
- knight outpost bonus improved (also depends on no. of pawns)... D/L ... [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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