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General guidelines

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General guidelines

Post by MZ on Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:47 pm

I would like to make the point and explain two things
Staff section was created:
- Discuss management issues forum
- For any reports
- All measures or BAN applied to users must be reported in this section
- Suggestions and improvements (observations)
- To report any users deserving (Award-Medal)
- To report any members suitable for add staff

It would be good practice to always check when and login to make sure that sections of any communications
It would be good practice
keep controlled this section
to stay informed about important issues or new directives to apply in the Forum
For information currently Us and composed only by us 3
others were of the Bot
I kindly ask you to every new communication you'll find in this section
and only when reading to sign with VW = (Viewed) just so that I can understand that everyone has read

Forum is new but I think we got off on the right foot
Good work and thanks for your attention!

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